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CIPET Vizag (Visakhapatnam)

CIPET Vizag : The central Government wants CIPET Institutes as the main center in our Visakhapatnam so in that context Central Government appealed our Government for the Land to form Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology institutions in our Vizag. If our State Government Allocates land For CIPET Institutions, central Government trying To plan CIPET institutions, All the Information Provided by the respective Department Head Raghavendra Rao garu in A recent interview in our Vizag.

As Vizag is evolving into smart city many corporate companies and most of the industries are heading towards our Vizag to establish their companies and their manufacturing units. In brief, if CIPET Vizag also added to the major companies and industries in our Vizag, undoubtedly Our Vizag is going to be turned as the fast developing city, if this is to happen earlier it’s a good choice for real estate investors to invest their investment on Vizag lands

CIPET Vizag, has been performing with a global vision to create plastics technology professionals and managers and contribute towards the sustainable majority of plastics & allied industry. To fulfill its objectives, CIPET is contributing a wide range of Academic Programs in various disciplines of Plastic Engineering & Technology with different levels of entry qualification leading to Diploma, Post Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, Degree, Postgraduate and Doctoral programs.

CIPET Vizag provides a perfect ambiance helpful to learning and has been constant in maintaining excellence in the academic standards. With expert faculty, enhanced library, stimulating analysis opportunity and modern infrastructure facilities, CIPET combines of modern-day teaching techniques with a traditional accent on imparting technical knowledge that makes learning an enjoyable experience. The institute center on Long-term professional skill development programs (Academic) and Short term vocational skill development programs.

The educational pursuances are classified into the next four levels in accordance with the human resource requirement of Indian Polymer & allied industries.

Level I – Degree, Postgraduate & undergraduate Programs are high-ended Schedules at Institute of Plastics Technology (IPT).

Level II – At all CIPET Centres, Conventional CIPET’s Diploma, Post Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma Programs held.

Level III – Industry specific Programs.

Level IV – Operator level Programs including non-conventional Programs at Selected Centres of CIPET.

CIPET Vizag has effective in promoting excellence in learning, research, and innovation. Producing its academic character through a value system, and culture that incorporates the best teachings, training, and practices, CIPET has been training high-quality education over the years and in the process has beaten out several top-notch professionals.

The course curriculum is intended to cater to the requirements of Plastics conversion industry, Academia, Research & Development organizations. The education technique includes classroom speeches, expert lectures through Video Conference, self-learning, assignments, projects, practical sessions and periodical evaluation.

Moreover, regular lifetime courses, CIPET Vizag also offers industry-specific/oriented Short-term technology up-gradation/ modular/ tailor-made programs to aid technical personnel working in different fields of Plastics and allied industries to further improve their knowledge and acquaint themselves with the latest courses, technology, and development.

CIPET Vizag has classified its centers on the basis of its infrastructure, location, industry participation and requirements into three categories such as Institute of Plastics Technology (IPT), Centre for Skilling and Technical Support (CSTS) and School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP).

The programs are designed to produce technically trained and qualified manpower for ready incorporation in the plastics industry. The foundation facilities in terms of machinery and equipment are continuously updated to match with the technological developments and requirements of the industry globally.

Diploma programs are of 6 semesters (03 years) duration and Post Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma programs are of 3 semesters (1½ years) duration. The appraisal process consists of both internal and through regular semester examinations.

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