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Dedicated to empowering customers and communities in which it works
Welcome to a company that is known for empowering customers by designing and crafting the highest quality solutions with timeliness, integrity and highest ethical standards. A company that is centred on developing cost competitive work through outstanding expertise and full spectrum of exceptional services. A company that is achieving and exceeding its goals for more than 3 decades while continuing to be one of the industry leaders. Welcome to Vijay Nirman.


  • Envisioned in 1982 by technocrat businessman Dr. S. Vijaya Kumar
  • At the heart of mega civil engineering and industrial projects
  • 425 completed projects and Rs.60 billions turnover crossed in the last 5 years
  • Integrated infrastructure strengthened by project management skills of a strong workforce
  • Devoted to delivering safe, sustainable and efficient solutions

Driven by the belief that innovative thinking prevails

When Dr. S. Vijaya Kumar, Chairman instituted Vijay Nirman in 1982, he embarked upon the path of creating an entity that would not only create iconic industrial, civil, residential and commercial developments and infrastructure across India, but also truly deliver what clients look for as its trustworthy problem solver. He also aspired to nurture a work environment that was inspiring, challenging, and respectful.

Over the last three decades, Team Vijay Nirman has contributed wholeheartedly for achieving the company’s vision of keeping clients satisfied through exemplary work. Under the founder’s tutelage, the team has maintained the flexibility to adapt swiftly to changing requirements and is driven by the belief that with innovative thinking it can solve toughest engineering challenges.

425 completed projects and turnover of Rs.60 billions crossed in the last 5 years stand testimony to the company’s phenomenal project management capabilities, specialised domain expertise and exceptional customer service. The outcome of its success has also led to focus on employing and enhancing the skill-set of highly potential professionals, calibrating internal processes and compounding capabilities.

From the Chairman’s Desk

I thank you for your interest in ‘Vijay Nirman’. The edifice of this organization has been built by a committed team on a solid foundation of quality and customer trust.

Sailing back to 1982, I recall laying foundation of the company with a clear vision and a small but dynamic team as if it was yesterday. Vijay Nirman has passed through significant stages from its beginning, growth, and expansion. Now, the company is playing a pivotal part in building India’s economy through world-class infrastructure.

During more than thirty two years in the field of construction, it has successfully completed more than 425 major projects (and Rs.60 billions turnover crossed in the last 5 years alone) – justifying the company’s penchant for undertaking challenging projects. It has also successfully extended its geographic reach, with presence in four corners of the nation.

The expertise coupled with excellent infrastructure has made the company capable of executing civil engineering projects in the fields of marine sector, power sector, residential and commercial complexes. In addition to the above, the company also has the ability to execute complex steel structures and integration of electrical systems.

Vijay Nirman has been able to anticipate and evolve, offering our customers modern, more sophisticated solutions that they deserve for operational excellence. All this has been possible due to the team’s utilisation of contemporary technology to keep pace with the changing times.

We are quiet optimistic about the years ahead. I can proudly exhort that Vijay Nirman can design and build any project – however challenging and scale it may be, with out cost overrun and while complying with highest standards of quality and workmanship.

While proudly underlining the zero arbitration record maintained throughout, we look forward to associating with our valued customers for mutual benefit and also to serve the nation with the best of our ability.

Core Strengths

  • In-house Design & Execution
  • In-house Training Academy
  • Continuous up-gradation of knowledge & Technology
  • Fully equipped 20,000 Sqm Fabrication yard near VSEZ, Visakhapatnam
  • Team of over 2500 dedicated professional employees
  • Risk Management
  • Innovation Center

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